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Wedding Celebrant Services

Let me help you create your own beautiful love story!
As a Celebrant I am passionate about making this the best ceremony ever!                            Bringing my wisdom and enthusiasm for life and people, I bring a calming presence on the day with a warm sense of humour from many years experience as a professional counsellor, spiritual director, retreat facilitator and celebrant.
Through our meetings and emails I will create a ceremony that reflects the essence, meaning, humour and uniqueness of you as a couple .... and creating a magic day that will be forever treasured and remembered.

Choosing the right Celebrant is very important and I am happy to meet with you both for a free initial discussion in person or on Skype.

Once we have decided to work together I will send you a Booking Form with your non-refundable deposit of $200 - this secures your date with me. I will then send you my Wedding Resource Kit containing  all the information you need for applying for your marriage licence,
ideas for readings, how to write vows, creative ceremony ideas and more.

I will guide you step by step through the process of planning and writing your unique ceremony.
giving you unlimited email communication.

We will have a rehearsal before your wedding day to calm your nerves and walk through the ceremony so you can just relax on the day and be very present to each other.


I look forward to making your day the best ever!
'There is only one happiness in life - to love and to be loved'  George Sand

I am also very aware of having a small footprint on our beautiful Earth so please have a look a this site for sustainable wedding options :)

“The Guide to Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Ethical Weddings”

LGBTQI Friendly

I support and celebrate LOVE in all it's diversity and uniqueness without discrimination

and acknowledge the journey many LGBTQI couples have made. I have taken the 2020 Pride Pledge and endeavour to be sensitive to the specific needs of the rainbow community.


Baby Naming Ceremonies

I love helping you create a meaningful and beautiful Naming ceremony for your child.       A Naming ceremony is a creative, heartfelt way to officially welcome your Little One into the world to celebrate their life, the meaning of their name, to appoint Life Guides or Godparents and to speak out your promises to them and your hopes for their future.
What I Offer to You:


  • An interview to prepare and plan your ceremony

  • Many years of experience of ritual and creativity to help you create a ceremony unique and personal to you and your family

  •  A naming Resource Kit to guide you

  •  Unlimited email contact

  •  A written ceremony printed beautifully for you to keep

  • My presence on the day to deliver the ceremony

I usually deliver Naming ceremonies on Sundays.  I can’t wait to plan this special day with you and make this a day full of memories to last a lifetime.

Baby Naming

                 Living Funerals

           End of Life Celebration

A Living Funeral or Celebration of Life is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one who is dying.

This is an opportunity for each of you to say good-bye, to express love and  gratitude for all that you mean to each other.

It can be a time for story telling, humour, tears, slide shows and closure..... a time to celebrate the one you Love in either a large or very intimate gathering.

So often at a funeral we hear ‘if only they had heard all those beautiful things people are saying about them! – a Living Funeral provides this opportunity!

How amazing to die knowing how truly loved, cherished and appreciated you really are!

What a gift to have no words left unsaid before your loved one enters into the dying process and how comforting  for them as they die knowing the impact their life has made on others.

The aim of a living Funeral is to be a time of celebration, a time for family and friends to share stories, show slideshows, memories honouring the dying person’s life .

It can be a very small intimate gathering or a larger gathering and doesn’t preclude a traditional funeral after the person has died.

With many years experience nursing the dying and leading cancer healing retreats I will 

facilitate this space, giving you ideas, support, wisdom, guidance and experience.

Please contact me to discuss what I can offer you.

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