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Debra & Ben

At our initial meeting, Liz was very warm, friendly and interested in us as a couple and how we were planning to celebrate our marriage. She gave us lots of ideas and things to consider when initially planning our ceremony, some months prior to our wedding. Her input was invaluable and with her help we were able to craft a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted.

Liz’s running of the ceremony was warm and relaxed, but also focused and professional.  Guests also commented how genuine and personable Liz was as she took time to meet many of our family members and friends after the ceremony.

The ceremony will always be remembered by us as the most special, emotional and significant part of the day.  As a celebrant, Liz was the perfect choice and we are thrilled with, and grateful for, all she did for us in what was a truly beautiful and memorable day for us.  
Debra & Ben, Wanaka

Photographer Mickey Ross

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